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When you're looking for an unmatched luxury pet boarding experience for your pet in Santa Cruz, CA, you're looking for The Velvet Coat.


We offer extraordinary accomodations for your loved ones, including a 3000 square foot yard, luxury bedding, toys and accessories, music and personally monitored playtime. We also offer a pet spa, where your pet can be treated to all manner of pet-appropriate comforts and exercises.


We also provide on-site dog training and luxury pet sitting, so that you can leave your pet with us for a few hours or a family vacation, knowing that every second your pet spends with us they are safe, happy, and entertained.


From pet boarding to pet grooming to doggy day care and more, The Velvet Coat offers luxury pet boarding that caters to every need of your pet with the absolute highest commmitment to quality and service anyone can provide. Visit The Velvet Coat today and see the gorgeous amenities and the dedicated staff we provide for ensuring that when you're away, your pet is as comfortably loved and provided for as when they're home with you.





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Santa Cruz, CA and the Surrounding Area



Our Mission


"We strive to provide a convenient, comfortable and luxurious experience for you and your pet. We believe that all pets should be treated with kindness, patience, respect, and love."


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Mon - Sat| 08:30 am - 6:00 pm

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The Velvet Coat
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Dog Kennels, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Dog Kennels, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Dog Kennels, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Dog Kennels, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Dog Kennels, Santa Cruz, CA 95060